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Have you ever wondered...

What is mankind’s greatest threat?

An asteroid hurtling towards earth
Weapons of mass destruction
Global-warming induced climate change
Out-of-control artificial intelligence
Our own extreme selves

How can you help?

The debate can go on, but scientists unanimously agree that microbial pathogens have been and will always be our deadliest enemies. They are far lethal than we give them credit for and they infect billions and kill millions of us every year. Right now, we are in an arms race with them and quite frankly, we are losing!

At Biodefence, we’re on a mission to empower you to take on these formidable foes. With our next-gen technologies and innovative solutions, we aspire to provide you with the tools you need to become the superheroes to tackle not only the massive socioeconomic problems they pose in our day to day lives, but also in our war against antimicrobial resistance, disease outbreaks and future pandemics. We’re starting by minimizing food waste to achieve zero hunger.

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